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Bible Basics
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                    Bible Basics

Learning Kindness and Compassion



We have developed a learning program centered around the Bible stories.  Using the  Bible stories, people and events to help  children learn letters, numbers, colors and shapes.  This also helps children learn the basic principles of kindness, compassion and respect for themselves and others.  


We have hands-on project time three days a week where children have the opportunity build and create in a guided environment.  The projects are related to  the theme of the week based on the Bible story along with a  letter of the alphabet, color, shape and/or number of the week.
The children also spend time in task groups or centers.  These groups and activities vary day to day.  The children may be asked to do an individual task associated with a larger group project or asked to work with other children to accomplish a task as a team.  These activities help the children learn how to work together, compromise, communicate, solve problems as a team as well as individually and help them develop leadership skills.


We also have a writing group for our pre-K children.  Each child has the opportunity to work at their own pace and skill level in this group.  Starting with the basics of following the dots of simple lines to freehand writing of letters numbers and words on their own.

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If you would like to contact us online to ask any questions about our program, set up an interview or request additional information please Call Or Text (916)203-3995 or E-Mail us at: dotstots@dotstots.com



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